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Wedding dance is a lifetime memory

A wonderful way to thank your guests on your wedding day is with a heart-warming choreographed first dance. At our dance studio wedding dance choreography is tailored to you so that your first dance is as unique as you are.

Reviews from 2019


wedding dance studentsGeorge helped us out for our wedding dance and he was fantastic all the way from our first lesson all the way to our last lesson just before our wedding day. As a professional, he shared very valuable insights into the performance for example – practicing with the wedding dress, ways to think about the routine and learn. It gave us a foundation to address and adjust if something doesn’t happen according to plan. Highly recommend him.


February 2019

Reviews from 2018


first dance students

My wife and I through recommendation from two couples to learn our wedding dance from George. Both of us have zero dance backgrounds and we were surprised at the end result. George is able to understand the skill level of his students and tailor the complexity and pace of teaching accordingly. George is an honest and fun teacher, and will guide you on how to be successful.

December 2018


first dance students

My husband and I enjoyed the wedding dance learning experience with George. He was professional, experienced, and patient. He customized the dance steps to our needs and also gave us valuable tips on how to have a great wedding dance.

December 2018


first dance

Amazing experience!
George guided my husband and I through our first dance, he taught us a lot of moves, and worked with us every step of the way to make our vision come to life. The classes were fun and well paced.

December 2018


first dance

George is amazing, I can’t wait to take more lessons with him. My wife is blessed with rhythm and grace, I am cursed with two left feet! We met George just a couple months before our wedding day. We brought George our song and our wish and he helped us make our wish come true. George puts you at ease right away with a great sense of humor, confidence, and great insightfulness about people. Dancing is my greatest fear and he made me believe in myself enough to make our wedding dance something I will always remember, something special. My wife and I enjoyed our experience with George very much.

December 2018

Joel and Naomi

first dance coaching

We needed lessons on short notice, with no experience. George was able to accommodate our hectic schedule on short notice. He has a great understanding of how men and women learn new things. And how relationships work. A great instinct for teaching and he makes it comfortable. His way of teaching made our wedding complete.

November 2018



You will love George, you will love your ultimate wedding dance, we had a great experience! He has a lot of patience and slows right down if you’re just not getting something. The more george saw we could handle, the more he built into the routine; it’s all very custom to each couple. Money well spent, we loved our dance and we want to come back and learn more technique with George, just to dance!

November 2018


first dance review

George is an incredible teacher. Very patient and excellent at helping us grow. Very highly recommended. We couldn’t be happier with our dance.

November 2018


first dance students

Thank you George for a wonderful experience! George is an exceptionally talented and engaging instructor. In just a few short classes, he was able to choreography a beautiful first dance for me and my husband, with careful consideration of my off-the-shoulder neckline and large train – not an easy task! We have relatively little dance experience, but our wedding guests absolutely loved our performance.

PS – thanks for the laughs!

October 2018


wedding couple

I would highly recommend Your Wedding Dance to anyone getting married. George is great instructor who is very fun and knowledgeable. One of my biggest worries going into my wedding was that I did not know how to dance. Over the course of 5 lessons George put together a simple but beautiful looking routine for my fiance and I. Now, instead of worrying about my first dance, I am looking forward to it.

October 2018


papa and daughter

My dad and I came to see George to prepare for our father daughter dance at my wedding. He was friendly, funny and a great dance instructor. We would definitely recommend!

October 2018


wedding dance students

He is an amazing teacher and his classes helped us a lot

October 2018

Tomas & Theresa

Theresa & Tomas wedding dance May 2018

George was a great instructor. He made us feel comfortable and walked us through all the steps we needed for our routine. He spent time getting to know us and what type of dance we wanted to do. He’d record our routine each class so we’d have something to watch at home when practicing and made it a lot easier to remember all the steps. Highly recommend George, he helps guide at your own pace and makes sure that you won’t injure yourself or embarrass yourself on your big day.

September 2018


Reihaneh and Hauman wedding first dance 2018

George is a phenomenal dance instructor! He is very professional, dedicated, patient and has a great sense of humour! My husband had not danced much before taking these classes and dancing was definitely not his favourite thing to do! George however was able to make him very comfortable with our dance routine, and make him really enjoy this whole experience. After the first two classes, he became really enthusiastic about attending the classes. We truly had a blast! Most importantly, George is a versatile instructor, as he tailors and customizes the dance routines according to your personality and liking, and this is what I admire about him the most. He understands your limitations, and works around your strengths to make you shine! Dancing together has become another fun thing for us to do as a couple, and I have George to thank for that!

September 2018

Vivian Li

wedding first dance selfie

George helped us design our first dance from start to finish. He will work with any level of experience (in our case, none) and can still create something that is beautiful and manageable for the couple. Not only does he teach you the steps of the dance, but he also reminds you of the reason you’re marrying your partner. At the final stages of or wedding planning, it was a welcome reminder. We had a great time with George and our first dance received many compliments from our guests. George was well worth our money!

September 2018


wedding dance selfie

Thank you George for helping to make our wedding day magical!

September 2018


wedding dance selfie

George was a fantastic instructor and choreographer, talented and full of energy and character. He challenged us, but we were very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend his service!

September 2018


Wedding dance students Naghmeh and Ali

George is a great dance instructor! He is very professional and also funny. If you never have danced before and you are very worried about your first dance at your wedding, just don’t hesitate to go to him. For us, without having any experience in dancing, after 5 sessions we learned more than 20 moves together and danced to our favourite song. He is amazing!!! He knows how to calm you down and give you confidence. I recommend him to any bride and groom!

August 2018


wedding dance

George is an absolutely fantastic teacher! George taught my husband and I a choreographed first dance for our wedding, and it was an absolute hit. We had 5 classes + 1 class just before our wedding as a last minute refresher. George slowly built up our dance class by class, so learning was manageable and well within our capabilities. We were happily shocked when we realized that by the 5th class, we had a completely choreographed dance that we could perform with ease! We had no prior dance experience, so for us, this was huge. George is patient, understanding, and realistic with what is possible to learn and perform in a short period of time. He has tons of experience and made us laugh the whole time too! My husband and I really enjoyed our time with George in the weeks leading up to our wedding – it felt like a date night and truly was a wonderful experience. 10/10 highly recommend! We are even thinking about continuing lessons now that our wedding is done. All our guests were obsessed with the dance, and are still talking about how amazing it was, which is definitely thanks to George.

August 2018


wedding first dance lessons

We had an amazing experience! George was a great dance instructor but also very funny. If your a man and feel very nervous don’t worry George will make this a very pleasant experience for you. As a couple you will both will leave feeling wow it wasn’t bad at all. It was actually so much fun! We now have more confidence dancing and have walked away with a new skill. It will be a memory we will always remember. Now on the dance floor we will have so much fun. Thank you George we truly had a great experience!

August 2018


wedding dance student

We went to see George with no experience in dancing, George is a wise, patience and thoughtful men. He has taken responsibility further then just a coach and we love him for that. Our dance was AMAZING! We had tears, cheers and wows all the way through. George, thank you, you made it all possible. Sharon & Derek

August 2018

Gloria S

first dance preparation

George, thank you so much for instructing us for our wedding dance. We thought it would be an interesting experience but we had so much fun. You are patient, serious, helpful and so encouraging. You taught us an amazing dance but most importantly you helped us create with one of the best memories of our lifetime, our first wedding dance. We cannot thank you enough and thank you for being so patient with us.

July 2018

Mary and Michael wedding first dance

George helped me and fiancee pick our first dance song and choreographed the whole dance! He is really patient and helped us not only helped teach us how to dance (since I for one did not have any experience in dance) but also, he taught us a lot about each other and our relationship. Highly recommend this studio and specifically George to help you with your first dance or any other classes!

July 2018


I was a human tree with roots for feet and after lessons with George, I was confident as a flying bird. Amazing experience, lots of fun and truly exceptional teacher. Will always be thankful for his insight.

May 2018


The dance George helped us put together with our song choice was definitely a highlight of our wedding. He knows what you’re going to do wrong and how to avoid it, and works within your skill level. Being able to practice with the dress attachments he had was helpful to get us both ready for the big day. You have practice in between lessons to get the most out of it, but really, that should be a given.

April 2018

Had so much fun learning a dance with my fiance, plus they’re moves we’ll be able to use when we go out. George is amazing!

April 2018


George is amazing. He’s incredibly patient and we learned a lot from him and had so much fun. Definitely recommend!

April 2018


I am so glad that my husband and I have chosen George as our instructor! From the very first meeting he made us confident that we can learn the dance we want! He was very tentative to our preferences and abilities. He was very fun, and easygoing, and at the same time very knowledgeable and patient! It is very important to not only be a professional dancer, but also to be able to teach other people who has little to no experience – and George is the one who can do that! I am glad that we decided to start preparation for our first dance a few months in advance before our wedding day, because it gave us a lot of time to master the routine: We ended up being absolutely satisfied with our dance: we made no mistakes, and everything went better than we could imagine! Our guests were amazed, and they keep giving us complements even 8 months after the wedding! We highly recommend George!

March 2018

Shawn Irani

wedding first dance

The now wife and I did our wedding dance which of course wowed All of our guests. And now we still continue to dance! It’s fun it’s active and you work up a sweat. If you want to become a Ballroom dance champion or have a wedding in a few weeks and don’t want to step on each other’s toes, George is the man for you!

January 2018

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On this page you will find out all about what will be required of you for your complimentary tryout lesson.

Please remember if your wedding day or, in the case of a destination wedding, departure day is less than 21 days away the offer of a complimentary class does not apply.

Your names, contact information, day of the wedding (if your wedding is a destination wedding we need to know your departure date), a picture of the dress the bride is planning to dance in, information about the dance floor (dimensions, shape and arrangement in the hall), music, etc.

First Dance Suggestions (Click here…)

This page is crammed full of useful information and tips for your wedding day as well as dance lessons. Learn from your teacher’s expertise and students’ experiences and be well prepared for almost anything.

Suggestions range from details to consider about your wedding dress and shoes to surprises that you may not have even considered could pop up on your wedding day. Artificial fog, dance floor layout and live music are all covered so you have time to take it up with whoever is responsible and don’t end up with any last minute surprises that could affect your unique dance. We want you to be ready to impress your guests with your first dance performance!

Wedding Dance Questions (Click here…)

When you’re planning your wedding and want to turn your two left feet into one right and one left, you might run into a few questions about what to expect. Fortunately, we are always here to help. To get you off on the right foot, here is a bit of information about what you can expect from our dance classes, when you should start taking them, and what type of dances we teach.

Our dance lessons.

When you meet with our instructor, he will go over what type of dance is right for you and your partner. If you are interested in father/daughter dance choreography, bride and groom choreography, or just want brush up on some slow dancing we are here to assist you. We tailor our wedding dance lessons specifically for your needs, and are more than willing to discuss what those needs might be. Additionally, the frequency of your lessons will also depend on your skill level and when your wedding is booked.

When should you start taking lessons?

Whether your wedding is just a few short weeks away or a year or more, we always suggest starting with dance lessons sooner rather than later. Of course, if you’re pressed for time and would still like to freshen up your moves we would be happy to teach you the basics of Ballroom dancing, Foxtrot, or even the Cha cha. Our instructor will work with you to create choreography that is easy for you to remember on your wedding day.

What wedding song should you choose?

This is obviously a very important and personal decision, but if you are having trouble picking out the perfect song to dance to we can help you out. We carry a diverse lineup of heartfelt songs names that can help you display your powerful emotions on your special day. Whether you bring your own or use our suggestion, we will customize your dance according to the song you decide on.
For more information on our dance classes, please feel free to head over to our wedding dance questions page or give us a call to learn more.

Wedding first dance choreographer and instructor (Click here…)

We would like you to know exactly who you will be spending all that time with!

George is someone who actually cares about you and is dedicated to giving you all you can absorb with his utmost effort and ability. It can be hard to convey such a message through words on a website but please.. read it anyway and then come see for your lessons. You will not be disappointed., 6a Tippett Road, Toronto, George (416) 358-5595