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Wedding dance

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Wedding dance is a lifetime memory

A wonderful way to thank your guests on your wedding day is with a heart-warming choreographed first dance. At our dance studio wedding dance choreography is tailored to you so that your first dance is as unique as you are.

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Reviews from 2018



wedding dance selfieThank you George for helping to make our wedding day magical!




September 2018


wedding dance selfie

Kalev Nisbet
George was a fantastic instructor and choreographer, talented and full of energy and character. He challenged us, but we were very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend his service!



September 2018


Wedding dance students Naghmeh and Ali

George is a great dance instructor! He is very professional and also funny. If you never have danced before and you are very worried about your first dance at your wedding, just don’t hesitate to go to him. For us, without having any experience in dancing, after 5 sessions we learned more than 20 moves together and danced to our favourite song. He is amazing!!! He knows how to calm you down and give you confidence. I recommend him to any bride and groom!


August 2018


wedding dance

George is an absolutely fantastic teacher! George taught my husband and I a choreographed first dance for our wedding, and it was an absolute hit. We had 5 classes + 1 class just before our wedding as a last minute refresher. George slowly built up our dance class by class, so learning was manageable and well within our capabilities. We were happily shocked when we realized that by the 5th class, we had a completely choreographed dance that we could perform with ease! We had no prior dance experience, so for us, this was huge. George is patient, understanding, and realistic with what is possible to learn and perform in a short period of time. He has tons of experience and made us laugh the whole time too! My husband and I really enjoyed our time with George in the weeks leading up to our wedding – it felt like a date night and truly was a wonderful experience. 10/10 highly recommend! We are even thinking about continuing lessons now that our wedding is done. All our guests were obsessed with the dance, and are still talking about how amazing it was, which is definitely thanks to George.

August 2018


wedding first dance lessonsWe had an amazing experience! George was a great dance instructor but also very funny. If your a man and feel very nervous don’t worry George will make this a very pleasant experience for you. As a couple you will both will leave feeling wow it wasn’t bad at all. It was actually so much fun! We now have more confidence dancing and have walked away with a new skill. It will be a memory we will always remember. Now on the dance floor we will have so much fun. Thank you George we truly had a great experience!


August 2018


wedding dance student

We went to see George with no experience in dancing, George is a wise, patience and thoughtful men. He has taken responsibility further then just a coach and we love him for that. Our dance was AMAZING! We had tears, cheers and wows all the way through. George, thank you, you made it all possible. Sharon & Derek



August 2018

Gloria S

first dance preparationGeorge, thank you so much for instructing us for our wedding dance. We thought it would be an interesting experience but we had so much fun. You are patient, serious, helpful and so encouraging. You taught us an amazing dance but most importantly you helped us create with one of the best memories of our lifetime, our first wedding dance. We cannot thank you enough and thank you for being so patient with us.



July 2018

George helped me and fiancee pick our first dance song and choreographed the whole dance! He is really patient and helped us not only helped teach us how to dance (since I for one did not have any experience in dance) but also, he taught us a lot about each other and our relationship. Highly recommend this studio and specifically George to help you with your first dance or any other classes!

July 2018

Nik Popov

I was a human tree with roots for feet and after lessons with George, I was confident as a flying bird. Amazing experience, lots of fun and truly exceptional teacher. Will always be thankful for his insight.




May 2018


The dance George helped us put together with our song choice was definitely a highlight of our wedding. He knows what you’re going to do wrong and how to avoid it, and works within your skill level. Being able to practice with the dress attachments he had was helpful to get us both ready for the big day. You have practice in between lessons to get the most out of it, but really, that should be a given.



April 2018

Had so much fun learning a dance with my fiance, plus they’re moves we’ll be able to use when we go out. George is amazing!

April 2018


George is amazing. He’s incredibly patient and we learned a lot from him and had so much fun. Definitely recommend!

April 2018


The classes helped me go from marching to dancing, it was a blast for me and my wife. We loved the final dance it was magical.




March 2018


I am so glad that my husband and I have chosen George as our instructor! From the very first meeting he made us confident that we can learn the dance we want! He was very tentative to our preferences and abilities. He was very fun, and easygoing, and at the same time very knowledgeable and patient! It is very important to not only be a professional dancer, but also to be able to teach other people who has little to no experience – and George is the one who can do that! I am glad that we decided to start preparation for our first dance a few months in advance before our wedding day, because it gave us a lot of time to master the routine: We ended up being absolutely satisfied with our dance: we made no mistakes, and everything went better than we could imagine! Our guests were amazed, and they keep giving us complements even 8 months after the wedding! We highly recommend George!


March 2018

Shawn Irani

wedding first dance

The now wife and I did our wedding dance which of course wowed All of our guests. And now we still continue to dance! It’s fun it’s active and you work up a sweat. If you want to become a Ballroom dance champion or have a wedding in a few weeks and don’t want to step on each other’s toes, George is the man for you!




January 2018

Reviews from 2017

Marietta Mnatsakanian

wedding dance selfiesGeorge is an incredible instructor! We came to him just days before our wedding and he taught us some amazing moves in just 2 lessons!!! Thanks to him we were able to pull off a beautiful first dance that left our guests mesmerized!! Would highly recommend George to anyone who is looking for some dance lessons to improve their dancing skills!!



November 2017

Danil Volodarsky

wedding dance selfiesSimply the best. George took us from not knowing even the basic steps, to developing a complete choreographed dance routine for our wedding, and did it all in just a few lessons. His instructions were very clear, easy to understand and our dance ended up wowing the crowd and giving us a memory that’ll last a lifetime. Absolute pleasure to work with, I’d recommend him to anyone looking for dance lessons.



November 2017

Jing Sui

first dance selfiesGeorge made it easy! For beginners like us, he demonstrated each move patiently and made sure we were comfortable with our routine. He choreographed a beautiful dance that I thought in the beginning of our class “no way we will ever be able to do this” but was pleasantly surprised in the end on how much we have accomplished and our dance turned out to be one of the highlights of the night! Thank you George!



November 2017


first dance selfiesMy wife and I decided to do something amazing for our first dance a couple weeks before our wedding. After a quick google search, we landed here and took some lessons with George. Our instructor was very amazing, charismatic, funny, and attentive to make sure you are learning and enjoying what you learn. We managed to learn some nice ballroom moves which matched the theme of our first dance song. Fast forward to the wedding day, our first dance went great and everyone was amazed at our first dance. My siblings couldn’t believe I was capable of dancing so well lol. This is a great studio and you will not regret taking lessons with George. It’s an investment to learn a life lesson.


October 11, 2017

Adrien Larruchon

first dance selfies studentsGeorge and us worked on our 1st wedding Dance. It took us only 10 lessons to create and to successfully execute our Dance at the wedding. And the credits go to George, who lead us from the beginning to the end, with great energy, approach, method. We, Yulia and I, Thank George for what he helped us to realize. We highly recommend George services!



11 September 2017

Kareim (and Gabi)

Wedding dance practiceWhat I loved most about our dancing lessons with George is the customization of the whole experience. He is so astute in what he does that it’s more about how to make dancing conform with you rather than the other way around. I have been described by many, including my wife, as someone that is tone deaf, unable to sway properly with any beat, and yet on our wedding day, everyone presumed I had years of experience. It’s a cliche but so true, that George made us feel and look experienced. I know that sounds ignorant to any professional dancer as you can’t just become a superstar over night but what George gave us was the love of dancing and a vessel to express ourselves and the outcome looked professional because it’s all based on organic movements of two people who love each other. Trust me when I say this: we have looked at quite a few places in Toronto, and George is one of the most economical and worthwhile teachers you will ever meet. We are planning to keep dancing for years to come all thanks to a few lessons with an infectious personality who knows exactly what he’s doing. Kareim & Gabi Attson

September 1, 2017

Rebekka & Ken

George is an incredible teacher and we are so grateful for everything he taught us. He choreographed our first dance, something that we would never have imagined to be able to do a few months ago. Our first dance turned out to be wonderful and all of our guests were very impressed. We would highly recommend George to all couples who enjoy dancing, not only because he’s an amazing dancer but also because he is supporting and really understands people.



September 4th 2017


Kateryna Kiriakova

wedding dance klientsMy fiance and I were looking for a good dancing school in Toronto where we can have our ideal wedding dance ready. We were checking out many places and stopped at yourweddingdance. We were not disappointed. George has a very nice personality as well as dancing experience. Our wedding day is coming soon and we can’t wait to show our dance:) Thank you George!



August 2017

Janet Han

Wedding dance class selfieWe got married just this past weekend and had to leave George a review as soon as possible — Because everyone at the wedding keeps telling us how amazing our first dance was, and I’ve been getting a thousand videos shot by all our guests. And we DID look fantastic! My husband and I have zero dance experience and are generally very shy people. In 5 lessons, George catered to our wishes and comfort level perfectly and came up with a routine that was so dreamy and romantic. George is a pleasant instructor to work with; very friendly, easy-going and talented! We would absolutely recommend George to anyone looking to take their wedding to the next level! Thank you George 🙂


Aug 29, 2017

Dave Steinfeld

George is an amazing teacher who taught us not only a great routine for our wedding but a skill set
for life which gives us the ability to enjoy dancing! We worked out a great routine and George
adapted to our requests to match Youtube videos we had seen. We received many complements on the
dance after our wedding which made us feel great. George is very professional, enthusiastic, and an
amazing teacher. You can tell from your first lesson that he loves his career and to share his love
for dance with others. We highly recommend George for weddings or just to have fun with your

Aug 24, 2017


first dance selfiesGeorge is a versatile, gentle, and very effective instructor. We made tremendous progress in our limited time with him, and I believe he can do the same for others. Highly recommended.




Aug 2, 2017


wedding dance selfiesWe found George at a month before our wedding. A friend of ours who got married two years ago took classes with George and highly recommended him. Their dance was beautiful and they learned it in a very short time. I read all his website and really liked his attention to wedding detail, shoes, practicing with wedding dress like skirt, etc. we really liked him so we decided to take extra more lessons. We had a great time taking the classes and he was extremely patient with us. The choreography was beautiful and he encouraged us to perform our best while enjoying the dance. The result at our reception was mind blowing. Everyone loved it and keep talking about it. I think it was one of the best investment for our relationship as well as our wedding. We are planning to take more classes with him in future. We highly recommend him and thank you so much George.


Aug 15, 2017

Sarah Woods

wedding dance selfiesHighly recommend George! Went for dance lessons with both my father and husband in prep for my wedding. George is lots of fun to work with and helped us develop two great routines working within everyone’s dancing ability. George is an excellent teacher and makes it fun and very easy to learn some foundation steps and add on some flare and fancy moves! Thank you so much George for helping in the preparations for our big day.



July 25, 2017

Katie Bowman

wedding dance selfies

My husband and I really enjoyed our experience working with George to learn our first dance for our wedding. He created a relaxed learning environment and introduced us to some fun choreography that our family and friends really enjoyed at the wedding. Thank you George for the unforgettable memories 🙂




Jun 25, 2017

Amanda & Andrew Vilhena
wedding dance clients Amanda and AndrewHiring George for our dancing goals is the best thing we did. Initially, I was a little reluctant to do a choreographed dance for my first dance at my wedding, it was all my husband’s idea because he didn’t want the usual boring “circle dance.” I stumbled upon George’s website online and I am so grateful that I did! George is an excellent teacher. Not only does he have patience and understanding but he is also very humorous which allowed us to feel more comfortable with the lessons. After just one lesson with George, I felt confident and was excited to go back on a weekly basis. Our wedding dance turned out beautifully and everyone was impressed and in love with the elegant dance! Thanks again George!


May 2017


My daughter and I approached George 6 weeks before the wedding for the father / daughter dance. I have two left feet and absolutely no rhythm! Miraculously George managed to help me learn a nice routine. He is friendly, funny and above all patient. Most definitely recommended!




April 19, 2017

Elmira SK

wedding couple

We approached George just three weeks before the wedding with no hopes that we will be able a dance routine in time, but he worked with us closely and was very patient during the learning process. Our dance was the hit of the night at our reception and everyone was talking about it for weeks after the wedding. George understands the pressure of wedding planning and also knows how to recognize people’s limits and strengths and teach the dance moves and routines based on that. We highly recommend him!



Mar 23, 2017

Stephanie Giamou

First dance preparationGeorge is funny, engaging, flexible, a great teacher and dancer. Not only did he teach us life lessons but the connection he helped my husband and I gain, was unforgettable. He tested our abilities to work as a team. At first, we doubted ourselves because we didn’t have the time to practice enough but at the end, we came through. Our performance on our wedding day was magical. Everyone said it was like we came out of a Disney movie. George really did help my dream come true, and my husband helped of course 😉 lol. My husband is not a dancer and George helped make mario look like a prince on the dance floor! Thanks again!



Mar 3, 2017

Lisa C

first dance lessosns

As I started planning my wedding, my dad suggested that we all (my parents and my husband-to-be and I) take dance lessons and that it might be fun. In the end, my dad and I and my mom and dad continued with lessons with the instructor, George. We ended up taking lessons for about two months, twice weekly, with George to prepare for my dance with my dad, and my parents have continued to see him since.

Each lesson is approximately 45 minutes and its a private lesson with George. There are no other people in the room so the focus is 100% on you. You can pay as you go or you can purchase a package, which saves you a little bit of money. We weren’t sure how many we would want to do, so we did pay as you go. George is able to process payment on the spot with his phone, which made it very easy!

First of all, George is amazing. He’s very good at putting you at ease, he makes jokes and has great anecdotes that he sprinkles through every lesson. His method of teaching is straightforward and clear and he’s happy to answer any questions you may have. As well, he encouraged us to bring a cell phone to the lesson so we could videotape the new steps he taught us so that we could review while practicing. We did end up using the videos quite often in our own practice at home and found it super helpful.

My dad and I chose a very upbeat song for our first dance together, Power of Love by Huey Lewis and the News, and in the beginning, we were very concerned about the speed of the music and whether or not we could keep up. George assured us that we could do it if we practiced and had regular lessons. He was 100% on board the minute he heard the song and immediately, he started choreographing it on the spot. It’s amazing to watch his process and how quickly he pulls things together and tailors to your strengths.

And he was right! On my wedding day, we had an absolute blast dancing and everyone was BLOWN AWAY by our steps on the dance floor! People weren’t expecting us to bust out a high paced dance and show off, they were all expecting the usual type of first dance. It was also really nice to spend that time with my dad in the lead up to my wedding. It really turned into a very special experience for the both of us – even if you’re doing just a regular waltz, it’s a great way to spend time with your parent!

If you’re thinking about doing a choreographed dance for your wedding, George is the first and only stop you should make on your journey. I was so pleased with how he taught us, how he treated us, how he spoke to us and everything. There was never condescension, never any judgement. He understood that we were new and still learning and adapted his teaching style to our learning style. He answered our incessant questions (there were lots!) and was happy to spend a whole lesson going over a move in detail so that me or my dad could really understand it. You can’t go wrong with George! 100% recommend!

January 18th, 2017


wedding coupleIt was a great experience to learn to dance from George. He tailored the program according to our strengths and weaknesses and understood our personalities in order to teach and motivated us to learn a great routine.




January 2017


father - daughter danceWe first approached George to help us with a father/daughter dance at our daughter’s wedding. With only a couple of months to get us ready, George took the time to explain how he intended to make that dance a special one for the occasion, to reassure us that although we were novices, we would go into the day with confidence and perform a memorable dance, and most of all, to ensure us that through all the challenges ahead, we would have fun. Lesson by lesson, with George’s help, we progressed from fumbling over basic steps, to mastering more advanced moves, to finally being totally prepared and ready for our big day. When we finally hit the dance floor at the reception, my daughter and I were thrilled to have so much fun performing a dance routine that would have been unthinkable only two months earlier! George did a masterful job!

While working on the father/daughter dance, my wife and I decided to have George help us to improve our own dancing skills which were very limited at the outset. Again, George had a plan that was tailored to our needs and we enjoyed our many lessons in which George shared his dancing skills and knowledge, coached us in taking a positive mental approach and made sure we understood the basic concepts, steps and positions. Make no mistake, George will demand your attention and ask for your commitment, but he does so with professionalism, an awareness of each individual’s comfort level on the dance floor and above all, a great sense of humour. Our lessons were generally challenging but with George’s approach, we were always engaged, eager for our next lesson and constantly learning.

George is a highly skilled dancer, a kind and thoughtful teacher and a great choice if you want to prepare for that special occasion or just learn how to dance in a variety of styles with poise and confidence. I recommend George highly and we can’t wait for our next dance lesson!

January 2017


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George is someone who actually cares about you and is dedicated to giving you all you can absorb with his utmost effort and ability. It can be hard to convey such a message through words on a website but please.. read it anyway and then come see for your lessons. You will not be disappointed., 6a Tippett Road, Toronto, George (416) 358-5595