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Wedding dance

Wedding dance

Wedding Dance Lessons and Choreography (416) 358-5595

6a Tippett Road, Toronto, M3H2V2

Working hours are Monday to Friday 11:00am to 11:00pm  Saturdays 12.30pm to 5.00pm.

By appointment only.

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Wedding dance is a lifetime memory

A wonderful way to thank your guests on your wedding day is with a heart-warming choreographed first dance. At our dance studio wedding dance choreography is tailored to you so that your first dance is as unique as you are.

Our experience in choreography is extensive and we guarantee the final product will be polished, appropriate and able to be danced with grace and ease. Your vision might be the expression of tender love through the foxtrot or lilting waltz. Perhaps you envision an uplifting and animated swing to playfully celebrate your love. Whatever your dream is we’ll make sure your dance is memorable.

On the day of your wedding you will walk onto the dance floor, flow through your dance and finish with a flourish! From the moment you start at our dance studio you will experience the ease of different Ballroom dance styles and the enjoyment that comes with knowing how to move gracefully to your favourite music.

Wedding Anniversary Dance

Many couples like to celebrate their wedding anniversary down the road. Some may have a large celebration with many guests, while others may prefer a more private and romantic setting. Regardless of how you would like to celebrate, one thing is for sure: dancing never goes out of style. Your partner is (and guests if there are any) sure to enjoy a beautiful, specially choreographed dance that will make your day even more unique.


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Get Started! (Click here…)

On this page you will find out all about what will be required of you for your complimentary tryout lesson.

Please remember if your wedding day or, in the case of a destination wedding, departure day is less than 21 days away the offer of a complimentary class does not apply.

Your names, contact information, day of the wedding (if your wedding is a destination wedding we need to know your departure date), a picture of the dress the bride is planning to dance in, information about the dance floor (dimensions, shape and arrangement in the hall), music, etc.

First Dance Suggestions (Click here…)

This page is crammed full of useful information and tips for your wedding day as well as dance lessons. Learn from your teacher’s expertise and students’ experiences and be well prepared for almost anything.

Suggestions range from details to consider about your wedding dress and shoes to surprises that you may not have even considered could pop up on your wedding day. Artificial fog, dance floor layout and live music are all covered so you have time to take it up with whoever is responsible and don’t end up with any last minute surprises that could affect your unique dance. We want you to be ready to impress your guests with your first dance performance!

Wedding Dance Questions (Click here…)

When you’re planning your wedding and want to turn your two left feet into one right and one left, you might run into a few questions about what to expect. Fortunately, we are always here to help. To get you off on the right foot, here is a bit of information about what you can expect from our dance classes, when you should start taking them, and what type of dances we teach.

Our dance lessons.

When you meet with our instructor, he will go over what type of dance is right for you and your partner. If you are interested in father/daughter dance choreography, bride and groom choreography, or just want brush up on some slow dancing we are here to assist you. We tailor our wedding dance lessons specifically for your needs, and are more than willing to discuss what those needs might be. Additionally, the frequency of your lessons will also depend on your skill level and when your wedding is booked.

When should you start taking lessons?

Whether your wedding is just a few short weeks away or a year or more, we always suggest starting with dance lessons sooner rather than later. Of course, if you’re pressed for time and would still like to freshen up your moves we would be happy to teach you the basics of Ballroom dancing, Foxtrot, or even the Cha cha. Our instructor will work with you to create choreography that is easy for you to remember on your wedding day.

What wedding song should you choose?

This is obviously a very important and personal decision, but if you are having trouble picking out the perfect song to dance to we can help you out. We carry a diverse lineup of heartfelt songs names that can help you display your powerful emotions on your special day. Whether you bring your own or use our suggestion, we will customize your dance according to the song you decide on.
For more information on our dance classes, please feel free to head over to our wedding dance questions page or give us a call to learn more.

Wedding first dance choreographer and instructor (Click here…)

We would like you to know exactly who you will be spending all that time with!

George is someone who actually cares about you and is dedicated to giving you all you can absorb with his utmost effort and ability. It can be hard to convey such a message through words on a website but please.. read it anyway and then come see for your lessons. You will not be disappointed.

Wedding dance gift certificate (Click here…)

Wedding dance gift certificates are a great option for friends and family, whether it is to create a wedding dance choreography at our studio, generally learn how to dance, explore hidden artistic talent, maintain physical health or learn a new hobby/skill. Our gift certificates can be used towards wedding dance classes, private ballroom dance classes, dance group classes, or even our monthly wedding dance practice parties. A great way to say “I love you, it’s about time you go have some fun!”., 6a Tippett Road, Toronto, George (416) 358-5595

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