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Gift Certificate

Gift Certificate

A “Your Wedding Dance” gift certificate is a special gift. Treat your loved ones to a uniquely tailored wedding dance.

Do your loved ones desire to learn how to dance beautifully at their wedding? Are you trying to encourage their hidden dancing potential? Or maybe you know someone who simply would love to dance but has always been a little nervous about stepping forward.

Gift certificates are a great way to encourage a healthier lifestyle as well! Dancing is not only fun but also has been shown to boost happiness and mental health. It will burn off calories while offering a more social and bonding environment than a gym.

 Offer them a chance to stand out and be different. You will open a door to an exciting new world of dancing.

Your gift can be used towards:

Wedding First dance.

Mother – Son dances.

Father – Daughter dances.

Or even other family members or members of a wedding party.

Private wedding dance choreography (75$ per lesson).

gift certificate

To order a gift certificate please email us or call George at (416) 358 – 5595

Gift certificates can be e-mailed for print-out or mailed to you.

If you are within the area you may choose to pass by our studio to pick up a gift certificate (By appointment only).

Please remember of expiration date.

Did You Know?

Offering a loved one the gift of dancing could provide the following health benefits:

Improved heart and lung condition.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis (Stronger bones).

Improved aerobic fitness, bodily coordination, flexibility and agility.

Improved spatial awareness and balance.

Increased endurance, muscular tone, strength and motor fitness.

Weight management.

Better physical confidence as well as greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Improved mental functioning and psychological well-being.

Improved social skills.

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