Choose the right amount of Wedding Dance lessons for you.

Tryout lesson

(A complimentary 45 min. lesson)

During the complimentary 45 minutes introductory wedding dance lesson, you will:

Meet the teacher.

See the studio.

Describe your dream wedding dance.

Start working on steps that suit both you and your chosen song the best.

Restrictions: Wedding choreography prices

Please note that for couples coming for classes 21 days (Three weeks) or less before their wedding day or departure day, the complementary class offer does not apply!

Rates for the lessons: Wedding choreography prices

“Pay as you go” 45 minutes lessons  – $120.
90 minutes lesson $230 (to book, it must be prepaid)

Our “Prepaid” options are:

  • The five lessons wedding dance program is $575. You save $25.
  • The ten lessons wedding dance program is $1140. You save $60.

Plus 13% GST.

We also offer Father-Daughter Dance, Mother-Son Dance Lessons and Choreography.

The rates of the dance lessons are the same.