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At, your first wedding dance as a married couple will be a memorable and romantic experience. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, we are here to help you make your wedding dance dreams come true.

We specialize in creating personalized choreography that reflects your unique style and love story. From elegant waltzes to lively swing dances, we will tailor the dance to match your vision and ensure that your first dance perfectly reflects your love and commitment.

Get Started With A Complimentary Tryout Lesson

The first lesson is complimentary for couples who book it more than 3 weeks (21 days) before their wedding or travel day (in the case of destination wedding)

Please remember that the following topics will come up during our first and successive wedding dance lessons.

It would greatly help if you know the information beforehand, but don’t worry if you are uncertain of anything; we can always start working together first. We will be more than happy to help you develop solutions and ideas as we move ahead.

Get Started – Your Information:

1-Both the groom and the bride’s names

2- Contact info: cell phone numbers and e-mails

In case you are also planning a father-daughter dance or mother-son dance, we will also need their names and contact information.

3 – Wedding day
The actual wedding day. Suppose it’s a destination wedding, the departure date.
4 – Music for your dance
A file of the wedding song you will be dancing to and the exact copy you will be giving your DJ (often, the same song may have different arrangements, singers and sound quality).

Some couples prefer to perform their first dance to a live band, but please remember that live music performances will differ from a recorded copy. This makes it harder for beginner dancers to adapt and might lead to unnecessary emotional stress on both dancers and create mistakes.

music for your wedding dance
5 – Wedding gown
wedding dance Get Started

After we exchange emails, could you please send us an email with either a picture of the dress or a link to the page where it can be viewed online? This will help us choreograph the dance, taking into account the clothing you will be wearing. Different dresses make specific dance moves more accessible or complex, and our ultimate goal is to ensure that the dance is safe, easy, and enjoyable for both of you on your wedding day. Additionally, we will teach you how to use the dress to make your first dance even more impressive!

Also, bringing a similar skirt to your classes to practice various techniques would be helpful. This is optional and intended to boost your confidence on your big day.

Note that if you are concerned about your groom seeing your wedding dress, we guarantee that we will keep your secret!

Furthermore, brides come in for a private class in their wedding dresses and shoes to try out all the dance moves and embellishments. However, this is entirely optional and depends on you and your groom.

wedding dance Get Started
6 – Shoes
wedding shoes

To start your first dance lesson, please bring clean and comfortable shoes.

This will help keep the dance floor free from dust and dirt.

Any well-maintained dress shoes will suit gentlemen, while ladies should bring shoes with similar heel heights to their wedding shoes. We don’t want to risk dirtying or damaging your beautiful wedding shoes.

After a few lessons, we recommend that you start practicing with your actual dance shoes. This will help you get used to the boots, break them in, and adjust their grip level.

It will also help you improve your balance.

wedding shoes
7 – Size and shape of the dance floor  (sitting arrangements)
layout of the dance floor

We need an idea of the dance floor size and layout to choreograph your wedding dance.

It’s essential to determine the dance floor’s material beforehand (wood, tiles, carpeting, or stone).

Knowing the dance floor’s size and shape will determine the choice of dance patterns.

Smaller dance floors require more stationary dance patterns, while larger dance floors allow us to choose travelling dance patterns.

Also, knowing where your guests will be located during your Wedding’s First Dance is helpful so we can pre-arrange the dance direction.

layout of the dance floor
8 – Cost of the lessons
“Pay As You Go” 45-minute lesson (per couple)  – $120.
90 minutes lesson $230 (to book, it must be prepaid)
  • The five lessons prepaid program is $575. Save $25.
  • The ten lessons prepaid program is $1140. Save $60.

Plus 13% GST.

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If possible please refrain from using perfumes as the dance studio is a public place and people may have allergies. Thank you!

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