The Gift Certificate from is the best gift idea for the engagement party for your friends and family.

Do your loved ones desire to learn how to dance beautifully at their wedding? Are you trying to encourage their hidden dancing potential? Or maybe you know someone who would love to dance but has always been a little nervous about stepping forward.

Your gift can be used towards:

Wedding First Dance, Mother-Son Dance, Father-Daughter Dance.

Or even other family members or members of a wedding party.

Almost every girl is dreaming about dancing, especially with her fiancee and specifically at her wedding. Therefore gifting her a gift certificate will get a chance to make her dream come true. Often couples forget about wedding dance; your gift will remind the engaged couple to take these lessons and look confidant and awesome to the guests on the wedding day reception.

The newlywed couple will share this romantic dance and create lifelong memory that will keep the warm feeling in their hearts forever!

gift certificate

Did you happen to know?

Offering a loved one the gift of dancing could provide the following health benefits:

Improved heart and lung condition.

Reduced risk of osteoporosis (Stronger bones).

Improved aerobic fitness, bodily coordination, flexibility and agility.

Enhanced spatial awareness and balance.

Increased endurance, muscular tone, strength and motor fitness.

Weight management.

Better physical confidence, as well as greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Improves mental functioning and psychological well-being.

Improves social skills.