Wedding Dance Choreographer and Instructor

George Kastulin is a skilled ballroom dance instructor and wedding dance choreographer.

His dance studio is located in Toronto, Ontario. As a recognized professional in the industry, he brings many years of technical competence and teaching expertise to his practice. With over a decade of both practice and instruction, including training students of various levels and cultural backgrounds, George has a lot to offer. Regardless of your reasons for taking private dance lessons and your long or short term goals, as an instructor George is undoubtedly capable of making your experience exceptional, satisfying and unforgettable.

George started dancing as a young teenager in Odessa, Ukraine. Ballroom dancing has become his passion since. He has chosen it to be  highly rewarding career of a dance instructor. The constant pursuit of perfection, learning best dance techniques and strategies, the search for that sometimes elusive beauty and grace that only the best performers are able to deliver, allow George to turn even the least experienced students into self-assured and competent ballroom dancers. At the same time George has never stopped perfecting and improving his own skills. His professional development is an ongoing process and he is always eager to pass his new knowledge on to his students.

After coming to Canada in 2000, he carried on his ballroom dancing and teacher preparation. He continued working with students and has developed his own unique style of training students. His dance studio has a remarkably inviting and non-threatening atmosphere.

George has been educated by world acclaimed dancers, teachers, instructors and judges including Ann Harding-Traffor, Pierre Allaire, Mireille Veileux, Denis Tremblay, Pat Traymore, Olga Foraponova, Jt Thomas and others. George is proficient in both International and American styles of Ballroom Dancing. He constantly attends workshops and dance congresses as well as taking private dance lessons with numerous distinguished coaches.

George participated in the following North American dance competitions:

•2004 “The Falls Premier Ball” Rising star Professional Smooth champion.

•2004 “La Classique De Quebec” Rising Star Professional Smooth finalist.

•2004 “Dance Sport Montreal” Open Professional Smooth finalist.

•2004 “Maple leaf Classic” Canadian Closed Professional finalist.

•2005 “The Falls Premier Ball” Professional Open American Smooth finalist.

•2005 “Crystal Leaf” Professional American Smooth runner-up.

•2019 “Dancesport Montreal” Open Professional American Smooth finalist.

•2019 “Dancesport Montreal” Rising Star American Smooth finalist.

•2019 “Can-Am Dance Sport Gala” Rising Star Smooth finalist.

•2019 “Can-Am Dance Sport Gala” Open Professional Smooth finalist.

•2019 “Canadian National Championships”  NDCCCNC Professional Smooth finalist.


What makes George’s wedding choreography intuition and understanding exceptionally profound is the fact that he is a professional Oboe player. The music is an essential part of his life even outside the dance studio! George has earned a Master’s Degree with honors in Arts and Music from Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Musical Academy. As well as a post-graduate diploma in Arts from Freiburg School of Arts in Germany. This professional background permits George to accentuate musicality, phrasing and tempo. Therefore, his dance students also attain a much deeper understanding of the musical component of their dance training routine.

At the same time, George dances Pro-Am with students attracted to learning choreographed Ballroom dance routines for competitions. For those who wish to perform, there is an excellent opportunity to take part in monthly showcases and spotlights at the Dancingland Dance Studio and dance competitions outside of the studio.

George also brings to the table years of expertise in private wedding dance choreography. His approach is custom tailored for each wedding couple. This guarantees that your first dance together will become a perfect representation of your affection and bond. It will remain one of your most beautiful lifetime memories. George is always eager to take this event to the next, more challenging level. He can definitely help you to include your bridal party in your wedding dance choreography. Many couples enjoy incorporating a father and daughter wedding dance and/or mother and son wedding dance to complement a bridal party wedding dance in their reception.