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Wedding Dance Gallery

Wedding Dance Gallery

first dancefirst wedding dancesame sex first dancewedding dance by Minh and Laurencefirst dance Cynthia and Matfirst dance wedding Marilyn and Marshaldestination wedding danceChristina and Kevin first dancefirst dance practicing by June and Chiltonwedding day first dance Liz and Di
Elina and GillElina and Gill first dnacefirst wedding dance Teresa and AndrewPuyang and Leo first dance practicefirst dance Cynthia and MattGiselle and Micael first dance practicewedding first dance by Martha and Robfirst dance choreography Julia and Samfirst wedding dance practicewedding first dance choreography Grace and Ambrose
wedding first dance Eliz and Richardfirst dance Ayla and Jasonfirst dance Kaitlin and BillyKristina and Joe wedding dance practiceAthavan and Vaishnavi wedding dance practicewedding first dance Evie and Mattwedding dance practice by Miranda and Davidwedding dance practice - Anna and Leonwedding first dance Jastin and Jakob - Gallerywedding first dance Shira and Ron
wedding first dance Liz and VictorFirst dance performance -Gallery Cynthia and WarrenGallery Father - daughter dancingWedding dance Sonia and JoeFadwa and George Wedding danceWedding dance Blerta and Fredwedding dance Grace & Warrenwedding couple dancing after private wedding dance lessonswedding dance performancefirst dance Alex and Sharon
wedding dance performancefirst dance practice Wedding Dance Anna Dmitriyfirst dance by Leila and Ehsanfirst dancefirst dance by Delafruz and Arslan

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Wedding Dance Selfies

first dance selfies june 2017first dance students selfieswedding 1st dance selfies October 2016wedding selfiesfirst dance selfiesour students selfiesour first dance clients
selfies of our clients1st dance students selfieswedding 1st dance selfieswedding dance students
first dance selfiefirst dance selfiefirst dance selfiefirst dance selfiefirst dance selfiefirst dance selfiefirst dance selfie


Dance Practice

Our Wedding Dance Gallery presents photographs of wedding day performances as well as practice dances at our monthly dance parties.
This includes wedding couples and father and daughter dances as well as mother and son dance performances.
Practicing at our dance parties is a great opportunity to gain confidence before your wedding day. Dancing in front of other dancers is an exciting and wonderful learning experience. We offer a relaxing, supportive atmosphere for couples to shed their fears before the final ceremony.

Please keep in mind as you browse through our pictures that most of our students started from scratch. Most of them were as nervous as you probably feel. Trying to make the decision of whether or not dance lessons may be an asset to your special occasion is not an easy one. Rest assured not only will your dance skills improve, but so will your confidence and in turn your level of fun. So many people are extremely nervous during their wedding dance. They forget to focus on their loved one and just enjoy the moment. Remember everyone is there to share your special day and you should by no means be worried. We care and we are here to help you!

Let all mistakes happen before your day and remember we are all learning!

To all our students who have shared their wedding dance pictures with us, thank you. You provide us with the opportunity to calm the fear of those who have the desire to learn but require some reassurance.

To  all our students who are yet to have their wedding, please consider sharing your day with us. We have watched as you have grown and would love to be a part of your happiness!


Please also visit the photo gallery at our Dancingland Dance Studio website: (please click here…)

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