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Wedding Dance Questions

Wedding Dance Questions

We’ve just decided to have a private wedding dance choreography and there’s not much time left. Is it possible to still learn something?

Absolutely! The basic steps in Ballroom Dancing are easy to learn and remember. Together we’ll decide upon a dance style. We will help you create a choreographed wedding dance that is both easy to learn and beautiful to watch. If you commit to practicing regularly, we are sure you will dance your wedding first dance gracefully and confidently.

 Wedding Dance Questions

How many lessons will it take to learn a wedding dance? Wedding Dance Questions

This is highly variable. The number of lessons will depend on:

1) How much time you will have to practice on your own.
2) How complicated or intricate you envision your showcase dance to be.
3) How quickly you are able to feel comfortable with the dance steps.

Some wedding couples decide to have a few extra lessons just before their wedding day. Others are fine with weekly lessons and feel ready to go when the day arrives.

How often should we come to wedding dance classes?

The fewer breaks between dance lessons you have, the less the lesson will be dedicated to reviewing material and the more the lesson can focus on creating new choreography and working on your technique and understanding.

On average couples tend to take one lesson a week, depending on how much time they have before their wedding. This doesn’t leave a big enough gap to forget what was learned during the lesson as well as more than enough time to practice on their own.

Once every two weeks is more of a review of material so as not to completely forget the material that was taught.

For wedding dance classes anything less often than once every two weeks is a waste of your time and money because you will not be able to remember the choreography as well and you may gain bad habits that are harder to fix once you become used to them.

As good as initial intentions are, and as much as couples say that they will practice at home, more often than not this is not the case. Keep in mind that classes are also dedicated to practice, as well as having the added benefit of the instructor’s keen time to danceeye catching and fixing any mistakes that are made.

We encourage our students to come half an hour before or stay half an hour after the lesson to practice while the information is still fresh. If you intend to do this please confirm with your instructor first to make sure there is availability at the studio.

 Wedding Dance Questions

When is the best time to prepare our wedding first dance?

To avoid feeling rushed before the big day, it’s best to plan your wedding dance lessons about three months in advance. Some couple like to start even earlier with our Bronze dance level program (please visit our Ballroom dance website

 Wedding Dance Questions

Do you provide choreography for mother/groom and father/bride dances?

Of course we do! Learning to dance is fun. It’s a wonderful way to include family members in the creation of memories and the sharing of your celebration.

Wedding Dance Questions

I feel comfortable learning to dance, but my fiance/fiancee is less certain. Will we be able to learn something in spite of the differences in our confidence levels or abilities?

We make absolutely certain the lessons for your wedding first dance are enjoyable and without any unrealistic expectations. We are experienced in creating wedding dance choreography that is suitable for both you and your partner. You will take pride in the dance you learn and will want to show it off to your guests!

Wedding Dance Questions

Do we need private wedding dance lesson for our first dance? Won’t group lessons do?

We strongly advise you take private wedding dance lesson while learning your first dance. With private instruction we are able to create a dance that is specific to your needs and absolutely unique. When you have our undivided attention, we are able to nurture your talents and work on the areas that require a bit more attention.

Wedding Dance Questions

Are we responsible for selecting our own music?

Most couples have a song in mind that has special meaning for them. Others come to the studio with a type of Ballroom dance in mind and are open to exploring music appropriate for the style. Many couples come only with the desire to create something special. Together we select song that is just right for the day. Some couples have already imagined their first dance together as a newly married couple whereas other couples may be feeling uncertain about where to begin to create a lasting and memorable moment on the dance floor.

 Wedding Dance Questions

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Wedding Songs Often Used for the First Dance:

frequently asked questions about dance classes;

John Legend – All of me
Michael Buble – My everything
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
Christina Perri – A Thousand Years
Aerosmith – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Sam Cooke – Nothing Can Change This Love
Michael Bolton – Once in a lifetime
Edward Maya – Stereo Love
Elton John – Can You Feel The Love Tonight
Jason Mraz – I won’t give up
Dave Matthews Band – You and Me
Nickelback – Far Away
Rascal Flatts – Bless The Broken Road
Jesse Cook – Fall at Your Feet
The Beautiful South – Dream a Little Dream
Scorpions – Still Loving You
Romeo Santos Feat Ushe – Promise
Hey Pachuco – The Mask Soundtrack
Disney – Sleeping Beauty – Once Upon A Dream
Ronan Keating – when you say nothing at all
Coldplay – Swallowed In the Sea
Michael Buble – Fever
Michael Buble – Save the Last Dance for Me
Beyonce Knowles – Halo
Stevie Wonder – Isn’t She Lovely
J. Somerville – Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You
Bryan Adams – Heaven
Jim Croce – Time in a Bottle
IZ – Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Rod Stewart – It had to be You
Nat King Cole – Unforgettable
Heatwave – Always and Forever
Moulin Rouge Soundtrack – Come What May
Elvis Presley – Can’t Help Falling in Love
Bryan Adams – Everything I Do…
Sarah McLachlan – Ice Cream
Frank Sinatra – The Best Is Yet To Come

Frequently used Father and Daughter Dance Songs: music for your wedding dance

Sunrise Sunset – Fiddler On The Roof
Butterfly Kisses – Bob Carlisle
Run for the Roses – Dan Fogelberg
Have I Told You Lately – Rod Stewart
What A Wonderful World – Louis Armstrong
Unforgettable – Natalie/Nat King Cole
Hero – Mariah Carey
Lullaby – The Cure
Isn’t She Lovely – Stevie Wonder
My Father’s Eyes – Amy Grant
Thank Heaven for Little Girls – Gigi Soundtrack
Teach Your Children Well – Crosby, Stills, Nash
Through The Years – Kenny Rogers
You’re My Hero – Teresa James
My Girl – The Temptations
Landslide – Fleetwood Mac


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What dances are used for the wedding dance choreography:

Wedding Dance Questions

Wedding Dance Ann and Patrick

Ann and Patrick’s Wedding Dance

The Foxtrot is a classic ballroom dance. The foundations are easy to learn during your private dance classes. Big varieties of dance patterns can be built upon the basic steps.The dance’s character leans toward a jazzy, flirty broadway style. From slow to fast, the Foxtrot can be choreographed to a wide range of tempos, which gives both the couple and choreographer a choice of safe and comfortable moves which will create a flowy, elegant dance to watch.One of the more popular choices for wedding dances for it’s ease in movement in a big dress, it can easily cover larger dance floor with swooping elegance and grace.

The Tango is the most colourful ballroom dance out there . It’s tempo and emotional range is the richest among all the dances.

The amazing thing about tango patterns is that they are adaptable to any size dance floor you may encounter, and it can be performed in almost any size wedding dress (of course the less bulky the dress, the easier it always is to dance in).

There are different tango styles but all convey an undercurrent of passion and desire. If you want to make a lasting impression on your guests, the seductive tango is a great choice for your wedding first dance.


The Waltz is the mother of all modern ballroom dances and it is a classic choice for the wedding dances that showcases grace and flair. It can cover quite a bit of floor space so it is perfect for medium to large dance floors. Thanks to it’s slower speed and graceful twirls, it is also the perfect dance to show off your wedding gown. Waltz patterns are easy to learn and perform and is the safest choice if you have a big dress. Traditional, classy and memorable with it’s unmistakable 3 beat tempo, it is perfect for wedding dance choreography.

 Viennese Waltz

This is one of the most challenging and showy, exciting ballroom dances and yet it can be safely adapted to your wedding dance.

This dance requires a larger dance floor (an average of 20×20 feet) because of its much large strides. For this reason it is best danced in larger gowns, whereas tighter dresses, like mermaids, will restrict movement and make it much harder to dance.

Wedding Dnace

Kathy and Wilson’s Wedding dance


The swing is easy to learn and fun to dance. It lends itself to many music styles and is a perfect choice. If you want to create a fun, frolicking atmosphere of celebration at your wedding reception Swing is the dance to do it.


If you are looking for a warm, Latin feel for your first dance, why not consider the Merengue? It requires the couple to dance closely together with seductive hip movements, and creates a flirtatious mood of understated attraction in your wedding dance.


The delightful ‘cha cha cha’ rhythm is a playful expression of love. Although it possesses characteristic Latin passion, it’s just as suitable for creating a lively party atmosphere and feeling of joy for your wedding party.

Wedding Dnace

Mauline and Sean’s Wedding Dance

The rumba is a classic, slow, enticing Latin dance. It is both easy to learn and allows for a wide variety of dance combinations. With its flexibility and seductive warmth, it’s a great choice for a wedding dance choreography to show off your special love for one another.


This very popular Cuban dance allows for a great deal of creativity. Lots of hip movements keep it sensual, but it is equally fun and spirited. Because of its popularity and inviting appeal, you will find your wedding party  joining you on the dance floor!

If you are interested in learning other Ballroom dances please visit our dancingland main website at

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 Wedding Dance Questions

 From the Instructor 

Throughout my more than thirteen years of teaching private wedding dance lessons in Toronto, I have observed that couples who begin with ballroom dance lessons prior to their wedding program enjoy certain advantages. They understand basic timing and movement enabling them to learn wedding dance choreography quickly. Greater time will be invested on style and flair. Some couples have certain songs in mind for their first wedding dance that are meaningful and important to their relationship. They often like to use such songs to choreograph a dance to perform at their wedding. Other couples may be less certain about song choice and prefer some guidance in choosing the perfect song. Throughout our lessons, we will discuss and tailor your wedding dance choreography to any ideas and thoughts you may have about your wedding dance.

Dancers are experiencing health and exercise benefits of dance, such as weight loss and body conditioning, as well as relationship building skills that result from learning to dance together. Many couples continue taking Social Ballroom, Latin and Club Dance lessons after their wedding day having discovered their joy of dance!

For some couples, deciding to create a spotlight wedding dance is a last minute decision. This is possible too. Even in short amounts of time, simple steps can be learned and performed for an audience of guests. In addition to couples learning to dance for their wedding, I have also had requests to teach friends and other various members of wedding parties.

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